Saturday, 28 December 2013

Post Christmas squeeze

No, not my trousers!  (Though they are a little tighter than they used to be.) The squeeze I'm referring to is the little un-Christmastized corner of my studio.  Like Pooh, I'm wedged in great tightness, into the little space left to me, I have managed to get two tubes of paint, a sketchbook, pen, and a brush in with me, so have been fiddling with shapes of teasles.

Again, speed and looseness is what I'm aiming for with these seed heads.

Above: oil pastel, scratched, with overlays of paint also scratched.

Right: pen and ink

Below: Wet paint, scratched, layered and scratched again....the best effect so far I think...though they do look a little furry rather than spikey.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

M'Christmas tree - stop laughing please!

Go on, admit it, you're flabbergasted by my gardening prowess!

Down here at Rainbows End, I'm proud of this vegetative addition to our family.

Now, it's true, it is a bit lopsided pine-needle-wise, and has a definite lean to the right, trunk-wise,  but it's alive isn't it?! Surely I get points for that?

It's time for it's annual holidays to the warmth and mayhem that is our living room over Christmas, and it will shortly be adorned in the best plastic baubles that China can produce. No chocs though as I'm simply not strong enough to leave them to Christmas - I'd have to keep topping up with a couple of packs from the supermarket each week.

We certainly know how to live it up Chez Rainbow.
Fortunately, front on, it's quite a different kettle of onions. See? Almost plush.  This is the side that we shall look at.

The flat side will be pushed up right against the wall which means it will fit nicely on a chest of drawers.

Carefully planned of course to save space in the modern home.