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It's Here!!! 3rd edition of Through our Hands.

New TOH magazine due out next week. Get your copy!

Pdf version of the free Through Our Hands magazine available here.

Through Our Hands magazine - Link to new edition OUT NOW!

Textile Arts - on facebook and in Australia

Life 13, The unProfessional Wife - body stitched.

Life 12 all framed and done and waiting for an outing!

6th June, 1944.

This is what happens when you go away for a couple of days.

Life 13 - Roots. The beginning.

Using digitally printed fabrics in a different way, opening and closing of doors, and the problems with shop bought cake

Life 12 - Murder some before and after photos.

Nearly finished.

Life 12 - Murder, coming together slowly - some process photos.

Today, I've bought......

Chelsea - and a Granny Rainbow moment.

Snippets of the painting so far