Life Stuffs Coming soon!

I've been busy taking some better photos of my Life quilts - the whole lot - as I hope to be able to offer them as a series of various products including the complete collection as tea towels.  For those lovely people who've said they'd love something connected to the Life Stories, this might be an affordable product that you would enjoy...fingers crossed!  I think they'd be great fun and bring a smile to faces at Christmas time too (OK, sorry, that must be the first mention ever of Christmas 2014 - hangs head in shame.)

I'm working with Laura on this one so you'll know the quality of the fabrics and prints already.


Ha ha - I would add them to my collection of framed tea towels ( kit Neale, Grayson Perry and Richard Bawden so far!)
Judith Clarke said…
Will you do some of the faces in the one im in! Could be amusing tea towels for my family!!
magsramsay said…
brilliant idea! What about matching pinnies!
Annabel Rainbow said…
Pinnies is an excellent idea! Rather amusing if the positioning is right! Judith, I shall send you a complimentary something for being a volunteer model and LTW, wow, what an honour!! xx
Peneller said…
Or even bedspreads perhaps! Sorry couldn't resist! Whatever you do they'll be lovely and I'm sure they will sell!

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