Life 12 - Murder some before and after photos.

Life12 - Murder.  (finished except for Border/Frame)

And the Crows came to the Feast and Laid Waste to the Beauty.

69" x 49" (175cms x 125cms)
Digitally printed own design fabrics, applique, stitch, acrylic paint

The weather this afternoon was too dark and grotty for a good photo, so when it's framed I'll take a better one.

Some before and after photos.

The next two photos show after the applique but before the stitching, and then after the stitching (but before the painting)  The two after that show the same area after painting.



Mostly stitched in this photo and then the same area painted.


Julie said…
A monumental piece of art Annabel. Congratulations on its completion.
Annabel Rainbow said…
Thank you Julie, they do seem to take me longer and longer to do that's for sure!
Shari Sherman said…
I'm in total awe of your work--this is outstanding!
Annabel Rainbow said…
Thanks Shari, I'll try and get a better photo of it and post in a few days when I've done the brown border/frame.
Daphne Lewis said…
An incredible quilt!
Melmo said…
Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing.

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