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FREE magazine for textile arts lovers.

Life Story Tea Towels are back in stock! £12 plus a bit towards p&p

More sketchbook pages

ISSUE 6 of the Through Our Hands magazine FREE AND OUT NOW!!! Link below

Life 4 - Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today?

The Book Is Here!! Here's a quick look at what's inside

Life Story Tea Towels - A present for the woman who has everything??!

Catch up.

Life 17 - The Inexorable Tide of Dinner

Being daft again.

The Liberated Quilt - some pictures

That'll be a fail then.

Through Our Hands, the magazine, New Editiion out now. Click to read

Originality? Technical Ability? Emotional Response? Discuss!

Working in series - some thoughts.

Putting pencil to cloth for Life 16